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Whole House Chloramines Removal | 3 Point Inspection Of Your Existing Well And Municipal Water Treatment Equipment
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Sam Vaughn
4 weeks ago
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Chris Cecil
1 month ago
We particularly appreciate the professional manner the install was done with...timely, neatly, with good explanation of operation of equipment (whole house system).
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Scott Whetzal
1 month ago
All deals with you guys were class act. From leaving message on Sunday I had no water to follow-up first thing Monday morning getting crew out. Your team worked hard to trouble shoot that pump was bad and sent team to change...
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Richard Giordano
2 months ago
The two technicians that came to do work at my home were outstanding, which is why I placed a call to your company and left this same response. Both possessed what I consider to be outstanding technical and interpersonal...
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John FitzRandolph
2 months ago
Henry was very professional and knowledgeable
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3 months ago
Prompt, efficient, professional service. Highly recommended!

Home Water Filtration

Welcome To Better Water

Are you tired of freshly washed dishes that look filmy and spotty? Is dry, itchy skin becoming the norm for you and your family? Are you spending countless dollars at the store on bottled water? GeoWater Services LLC can help! Our team of water filtration experts has been battling municipal water issues for years and has the tools, experience, and dedication to provide you with better water.

What Is Chlorine/Chloramine

Municipal water is treated to ensure it is free of bacteria and other hazardous contaminants. One of the main methods of treatment is through adding chlorine and/or chloramine. While effective in removing bacteria, chlorine and chloramine aren’t necessarily something you want in the water you drink, do your dishes with, or use to wash your clothes and your skin.
Have you ever tasted pool water? That’s also treated with chlorine. Additionally, both chlorine and chloramine are bleach based chemicals, which means they can have a drying effect on your skin and your hair. Dry itchy skin and frizzy hair? No thank you! What’s more, these chemicals can also have negative impacts on your wash, causing colors to fade prematurely and fabrics to look worn.

What Should I Do?

While good for our water, chlorine, and chloramine aren’t all that great for the rest of us. The good news is you can safely remove these chemicals from your water after they’ve done their job! With a home water filtration system from GeoWater Services LLC, you can have better tasting, better feeling water in no time.
If you think you might have high levels of chlorine or chloramine in your water, or if you just want to be on the safe side, you should contact an expert to evaluate the quality of your water. If you live in any of the following areas, there’s no better choice than GeoWater Services LLC, Denver’s experts in water purification!

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